MyPaylinQ Casinos

Though the online gambling industry has lost a few e-wallets over the past couple of months, we have found that MyPaylinQ Casinos have recently been launched. These MyPaylinQ casinos offer their users some of the easiest deposits, all with incredibly low fees. If you sign up with MyPaylinQ, you will be treated to one of the most secure of all deposit methods, as well as one of the least expensive. Through the use of MyPaylinQ we can assure you that you will never have to worry about anything other than playing the games.

When it comes to easy deposits, MyPaylinQ offers their users a variety of different facets. First and foremost, MyPaylinQ has one of the easiest sign up processes around. They do not require an invitation like many other deposit methods. Instead, players simply have to visit their site to open an account. The highest level of security can be found throuhg MyPaylinQ, making this one of the safest deposit methods around. In the end, we can tell you that MyPaylinQ is definitely one of the safest funding options out there.

Top MyPaylinQ Casinos

In order to determine the best MyPaylinQ casinos, we have made it a point to look into the bonuses, promotions, features and games. MyPaylinQ is undoubtedly one of the most impressive deposit methods, but only if you use a casino that can match its quality. What we have done is taken guess work out of the equation in offering you a list of the leading casinos online, all to offer our readers a long list of options.

Best MyPaylinQ Casinos
Casino Bonus Codes Casino Bonus Visit
Aladdin's Gold Casino Review N/A 200% - $2,000 VISIT
Las Vegas USA Casino Review USA1000 200% - $1,000 VISIT
High Noon Casino Review HIGHNOON200 200% - $2,000 VISIT
Diceland Casino Review 10000FREE 500% - $10,000 VISIT
Bodog Casino Review Built Into Link 10% - Unlimited VISIT
Lucky Red Casino Review LUCKYRED400 400% - $4,000 VISIT
Golden Cherry Casino CHERRYSLOTS 300% - $3,000 VISIT
Manhattan Slots Casino Review N/A 100% - $747 (2x) VISIT
Rome Casino Review 9000FREE 500% - $1,500 VISIT
Vegas Casino Online Review USA1000 200% - $1,000 VISIT
Best MyPaylinQ Casino Bonus Max Software USA Play Now
Lucky Red Casino 400% $4,000 RTG YES VISIT

Lucky Red Casino is easily one of the most generous online casinos, and MyPaylinQ can be used to make payments incredibly easily. We have found that MyPaylinQ users are provided with one of the largest bonuses ever added into a casino. A 400% match to $4,000 can be collected through MyPaylinQ, all provided by the bonus code LUCKYRED400. Lucky Red, as one of the RTG casinos, offers their users some of the best games out there, including slots, video poker, every possible table game and even several specialty games. Lucky Red Casino is invariably one of the best casinos out there, and we can assure you that they do not take customer service lightly.

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#2 MyPaylinQ Casino Bonus Max Software USA Play Now
Aladdin's Gold Casino 200% $2,000 RTG YES VISIT

Aladdin's Gold Casino has recently introduced MyPaylinQ as one of their services. We have seen that MyPaylinQ has become the easiest possible deposit method through Aladdin's Gold, and it even opens up the option to collect their impressive set of deposit bonuses. Aladdin's Gold offers an unlimited number of 200% match bonuses, which offer their users a solid cash infusion. Aladdin's Gold Casino is one of the RTG casinos, which means you will be able to play over 100 games without any complications. Aladdin's Gold Casino gives their users access to some of the highest paying games on the market, all to give their users some of the most exciting casino games around.

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#3 MyPaylinQ Casino Bonus Max Software USA Play Now
Bodog Casino 10% Unlimited RTG YES VISIT

Bodog uses MyPaylinQ in order to provide players with some of easiest deposits available through their service. You no longer need to make deposits with credit cards, as MyPaylinQ has been incorporated into their cashier for simplicity. Bodog offers a 10% unlimited match bonus, which gives all players as much money as they can afford to deposit. Bodog provides their players with some of the easiest games, all with higher winnings than most games in a brick and mortar casino. Bodog has a reputation that has gone as far back as 15 years, and they can be counted on for some of the hottest games out there, all backed by the ease of MyPaylinQ.

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Do They Accept USA Players?

American gamblers who are looking for a new deposit method will find that MyPaylinQ is a choice in the States. MyPaylinQ is one of the few e-wallets that are open to American gamblers. We have found that they are open to players in every state, which means you will not have to find another method. The deposits and withdrawals you find through MyPaylinQ are amongst the fastest and most secure. MyPaylinQ is almost exclusive for American gamblers, and you will have no trouble at all using this service - especially when compared to credit cards.


MyPaylinQ Casino Bonuses

With MyPaylinQ as your deposit method, you will be able to make payments very easily. We have found that MyPaylinQ is capable of delivering some of the hottest bonuses out there. We have determined that these bonuses almost always outweigh the fees of using MyPaylinQ, so you will generally have a net gain by way of these promotions. We have found some of the largest bonuses online, so you will not have to worry about anything other than playing your games. MyPaylinQ is already inexpensive, so these bonuses are generally some of the best out there.

MyPaylinQ Registration

If you want to sign up to MyPayLinq, you will be able to do so directly through their homepage. You will see a big blue button on the bottom of their page, almost in the middle. Clicking this button will bring you directly to their sign up page, at which time you have to enter your personal and account information. The last four digits of a valid government I.D. is required, and this is generally your social security number. Once you finish the sign up process you can jump right into their funding options, and this should not take more than a few minutes time.

MyPaylinQ Funding

Funding money into your MyPaylinQ account is the first step prior to transferring your funds into your gambling site. There are several options available for funding your account. First and foremost, you can use a credit card or debit card to transfer money directly into your MyPaylinQ account. Electronic checks can also be used to put money directly into your account. Furthermore, you will find that wire transfers can also be used to move money directly into your account. Either way, you should not have any trouble at all sending money into casinos that accept MoneyLineWallet.

Highlights of MyPaylinQ Casinos

  • Low Fees
  • Fast withdrawals
  • Instant deposits
  • Free sign up
  • No invitation link needed
  • Available for big bonuses
  • Accepted through many casinos