Free Play Time Casinos

One of the most exciting and sought after bonuses in the entire casino gaming industry is the free play time casinos. These bonuses work different from any other promotion, offering not free money straight up, nor money that is matched on a deposit. Instead, these bonuses place a large amount of money in your account, without requiring a deposit. This can be anywhere from $500 to $1,500. This may seem to be to good to be true, but this is not the case - this is actually a fairly common bonus through certain groups of casinos. The money is nothing you will keep, and definitely not something you will cash out, but it does have the purpose of allowing you to play through a certain amount of games with a few restrictions.

This type of bonus will put the money in your account and give you a time limit before it expires. This will generally be about an hour, which is why these are also called Free Hour Casinos. You will generally have an hour to take this bonus and play with it. You will have to accumulate as much money as you can through the duration of this bonus. At the end of the time limit, provided you made enough wagers and wagered enough money, you will be able to cash out whatever you manage to win. This means that you can essentially make money appear out of no where, have some fun, and perhaps even earn yourself a real cash prize.

Best Free Play Time Casinos

Since there are only a handful of the best freeplay casinos, you may want to stick to only the best that are available. We have found that not all of these casinos are equal, as each of them has subtle differences. Whether it is found in their wagering requirements, bet limits, or even their future deposit bonuses, every single casino is different. Even if they use similar online casino software, there are still major differences found in each type of software.

Before you choose one of the free hour casinos, we advise that you flip through the best. We do not dabble in second rate casinos, so you can rest assured that you will have multiple options available. We focused primarily on Microgaming, as these as the most common casinos that offer this type of bonus. Playtech free play time casinos are also sometimes available, but this is not nearly as common as those using the Microgaming software.

Being that we are regularly looking for the best casino bonuses, we could not ignore this type of promotion. We suggest that you do not ignore it either, as this is where you will get the most bang for your buck when you are trying to collect free cash. Unless you do not want to play for free and contend with wagering requirements, we suggest you at least try it. Even if you are not serious about joining one of these casinos and making a deposit, you can still just play for fun and see if you can't win some extra cash.

Best Free Play Online Casinos
Casino Free Play Time Limit Visit
Colosseum Casino $1,000 1 Hour VISIT
Golden Tiger Casino $1,500 1 Hour VISIT
Blackjack Ballroom $500 1 Hour VISIT
Captain Cooks Casino $500 1 Hour VISIT
Casino Classic $500 1 Hour VISIT
Top Free Play Time Casino Bonus Time Software USA Play Now
Colosseum Casino $1,000 1 Hour Microgaming NO VISIT

Colosseum Casino is one of the best free play casinos. They offer their players $1,000 and one hour to make as much money as possible. You will be able to take this $1,000 to the online slots, table games, and video poker games through their casino. Provided you make 100 wagers in that 60 minutes, you will be able to keep any winnings over $20, with $1,000 subtracted, and have it added to your bonus account when you make a deposit of at least $50 dollars. You will have to have at least $1,020 in your account before you can finalize this bonus. Colosseum Casino is one of the Microgaming casinos, which means they have incorporated over 400 games into their software. An added perk is that you do not even need to use one of the casino bonus codes to activate this promotion.

#2 Free Play Casino Bonus Max Software USA Play Now
Golden Tiger Casino $1,500 1 Hour Microgaming NO VISIT

Golden Tiger Casino provides players with a bonus that entails absolutely no risk. Golden Tiger Casino provides a free $1,500 bonus that can be used to play with for the first 60 minutes in which your account is open. You will have access to over 400 online casino games, which can be played with this free money. You can even restart the clock and reset your bankroll in the event that you were losing. If you place at least 20 bets and win at least $20 over the original $1,500, you can collect your cash. You can win as much as $100 from this promotion. Golden Tiger Casino will require that you deposit at least $40 with any of their casino deposit methods. As soon as you play through the wagering requirement of 30 times the deposit plus the bonus, you will be eligible to cash out.

Microgaming Free Play Casinos

As we have already discussed, most of the free play casinos are using the Microgaming software. Microgaming bonuses are regularly kind of small, but these free hour casinos offer players significantly more money - or at least the opportunity to play with a little extra kick behind your bankroll. There is plenty of money to go around, but you cannot always find these bonuses. We have found roughly half a dozen of these casinos for your enjoyment.

Limitations Of Free Play Bonuses

There are some limitations related to the use of free play time casinos. They typically only offer full rollover requirements on online slots, with table games and video poker contributing a smaller percent per dollar wagered. These limitations can sometimes expand the amount of money you have to wager before you can actually cash out the winnings in to your bonus account. While you may not be able to actually cash out the full amount of the bonus, you should be able to get your winnings back, minus the bonus, without jumping through too many hoops. Regardless of what ends up happening, know that you will be playing with someone else's money rather than your own.

Choosing The Right Free Play Casino

Since there are many casinos offering these free play bonuses, you can expect to have to make a choice. The choice can be narrowed down to a few select casinos, as some offer more money than the others, or at least more time. Each of the free play time casinos offers their own rules and regulations, but the time frames are usually somewhat linear. Regardless, you will be able to play without any personal risk, but with all of the personal gain.

Free Play Time Casinos and USA Players

If you live in the United States, you will be hard pressed to find a casino that will offer you free play time. Unfortunately, you may not be able to find one at all. Until the United States repeals laws that have kept Microgaming from operating within the USA, it is unlikely that Americans will have access to these incredible bonuses. You will still have the ability to play through the no deposit casino bonuses, which can be found at a variety of Rival and RTG casinos. These promotions may not carry the enormous earning potential, but they are still free money that you would not have previously had. If we find some free play time casinos available for USA players, we will share them as they come about.